About the car break-ins 8/1/2019

From Officer Stuart Sanderson:

Good Morning,

I just got done talking to night shift and right now it looks like about 20 break ins that occurred last night throughout the neighborhood. As people wake up and get going today we may see a few more come trickling in. Right now, night shift command is busy formulating an action plan to catch these guys. While they are working on that, can you help me get the word out for anyone who has a camera system to check their camera footage? Even if their car didn’t get broken into they may have captured valuable footage. As we get more info on time frames and any suspect description I will get those out to you to help narrow the amount of camera footage that will need to be reviewed. Additionally to help out those that have had their cars broken into, like your neighbor that had their registration stolen, it is a good idea to monitor your credit. A lot of the paperwork sitting in people’s cars has personal information in it. It doesn’t happen frequently but their info could be used to commit fraud by the people who broke into their cars. Thank you for helping me get this info out hopefully we can help catch these guys and keep anyone from being victimized any further. Feel free to give my contact info out to anyone who may have questions or concerns.


Stuart Sanderson
Police Officer
Sugar Land Police Department
Crime Prevention Officer
Beat 6